Our Vision


To become Thailand’s number one scrap metal service solution with the best customer experience.


To offer the simplest and the most effortless customer experience in the metal scrap service solutions.

Core Values

• Passionate
  We encourage you to fulfil company’s goals as well as your aligned personal goals which you inspired you to wake up in the morning.

• Responsive
  Because customer is our first priority and responsiveness is our strength. We need to work fast and effective to fulfil their needs.

• Consistency
  We are in it for the long-term and we expect you to reflect it in every decisions at Thai Compressed.

• Always Be Curious
  Observe what you do, how you do it, and how the industry does it. Find the better alternatives and explore the options to improve the existing procedures.

• Never Settle For Less
  At Thai compressed, quality is valued more than quantity. Insist on having high standards and passing them on to customers.

• Simplicity Is Key
  The world is going fast-paced and noisy. We believe our service must be simple and effortless to use, both for employees and customers.